Do you:

  • critique "flaws" when you look at yourself in the mirror?
  • know what you want and need?
  • have difficulty enjoying sex?
  • know there must be MORE to orgasms and sex?
  • feel like life is passing you by?
  • want to "walk the talk" of peace, passion, and pleasure?
  • feel ready to step into a bigger place in your life?

You are in the right place! 

TWO 10 week Coaching Programs

My Coaching Programs are based on my unique system called the 3 Ps to peace, passion, and pleasure. There are really 5 Ps to reach the deeply divine place of inner calm and knowing your magnifence. I've learned to break it down for clients and move with the flow of each individual client. 

What I have noticed is that the most effective results have been working 30 minutes each week, and then taking a break to integrate changes. After at least a 2 month break, return for the next level of learning and integrating deep pleasure. 

For all the details, click HERE.

Sessions are done by phone or virtually through skype.

Click HERE for Coach Betty Louise's philosophy on why virtual sessions are the best way to do this work.













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