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CBL#126 – New Views on Culture and Sex

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Coach Betty and her special guest, Carol Queen, discuss the evolving culture of sex on this episode. Carol's matter of fact articulation around sex, pleasure and fantasy is so refreshing.  Why is it a powerful experience to pay attention to your sexual satisfaction?  Carol shared what she has seen for the last 20 years is a good healthy sex life allows a more loving connection, increased self-esteem, a more trusting relationship, more commitment, better health, and this is just for starters.  Listen in to the whole show below.  Carol gives us a ton of information, and also provides free sources of where you can continue the conversation and get questions answered.   

CoachBettyLIVE with Carol Queenclick here


Carol Queen has a doctorate in sexology. She's worked at Good Vibrations, the legendary women-friendly, sex-positive adult retailer in San Francisco, where she serves as Staff Sexologist and Chief Cultural Officer, since 1990. She's also the co-founder of the nonprofit Center for Sex & Culture, and she's authored or edited many books about sex and scripted and/or appeared in a number of explicit sex education films. You can visit,, and — on the latter, she answers customer questions about sex, which people can find by clicking on the Good Vibes Magazine on the far-right top navigation drop-down (called How-To).

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CoachBettyLIVE #106 – Sustainability and Sex – Healing YOU and the Planet

Friday, December 10th, 2010

Sssssssssssssss…Sustainability and Sex!

My show today highlights an amazing human being, Trathen Heckman.  He is a visionary who takes backyard projects and brings them to the community and beyond.  He will share how he wildly succeeded in the 350 garden challenge earlier this year.  His organization, operates by 4 core words…because every choice matters. He is on the first half hour to promote and encourage a vision of a sustainable and healthy world.  And then you get bonus time with Coach Betty sharing her theories of sexual healing for You, your relationships, and the planet.


Trathen Heckman, is the Co-Founder of, and Board President of  This mover and shaker walks his sustainble conscious talk, and inspires others to do the same.

Listen to this inspiring young man’s journey as he awoke to greater consciousness and is now supporting and empowering individuals to “be the change.”

Hundreds of people participate in his Daily Acts sustainability tours inspiried by “hot-damn-they’re-fun” projects.

Check out more at

Listen in above!

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Green Think #47 – The Natural Healing of Sex

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

After great reflection from last year’s Green Think Radio Shows, it was stunning how guest after guest, book after book, article after article showed that repairing our relationships and saving the planet begins with self-love. My mission is to help us find our greatest love of all in 2010 – SELF LOVE!


My approach to healing involves using what we have available. I will continue to explore the research on the healing powers of our own bodies, including sex…it lives within us. Check out interviews, WOA Babies (news sounds bites), and Views You Can Use Segments from 2009 and you will hear a strong argument for the healing powers of sex. We even have scientific evidence that a healthy sex life is good for our hearts and immune systems. Pleasurable and loving sex shows protection against cancers, and lower rates of depression.

So then…it is a WOA BABY that…

Thirty-two percent of women and 15% of men lacked sexual interest for several months within the last year.” (Laumann EO, Paik A. Rosen RC. Sexual dysfunction in the United States: Prevalene and Predictors. JAMA 1999;281:537-544).

All that healing power going to waste…

Listen to this two minute WOA Baby, and let Coach Betty inspire you to have “More HEALTHY Sex” in 2010 for the sake of bringing more self-love to the planet. How about THAT? :)

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Green Think #24 – Fresh New Perspectives on Sex, etc.

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

My guests this week are Drs. Lana Holstein and David Taylor, two MDs and Authors of the books “How to Have Magnificent Sex,” and “Your Erotic Weekend.”  My second guest, Jim Vanko, is the Co-Producer of the Napa Fresh Aire Festival.  Listen in and open up to the possibilities.

Listen to Lana, David and Jim now…



Drs. Holstein & Taylor

Drs. Holstein and Taylor, who have been married for 34 years, lead workshops designed to introduce couples to an amazing new world, where love, sex and intimacy flourish in harmony and enliven all dimensions of their lives.

On the show, they share a pleasuring exercise that helps couples reconnect to their partner at the deepest level. They emphasize that sex is a way of being and not only about intercourse.  See them in person at the Napa Fresh Aire Festival in Napa, California, from August 28-30th.

You can reach them at or, for their workshops and books, at


Napa Fresh Air Festival

Jim Vanko is Co-Producer with Sarah Mason of the Napa Fresh Aire Festival with new perspectives on enriching the body, soul and planet. This retreat experience is an inspiring weekend of programs and activities conducted by the world’s leading authorities on healthy living and eco-conscious awareness.

Listen to how Jim and Sarah are taking the lead in bringing fresh new thinking about health…and emphasize Green Think Radio’s mission of embracing the healing power of nature.

To learn and get tickets, see

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