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“Equinisity” – the Movie – Rediscover Your Inner Healer

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

This movie will be healing just to watch it!

Watch the trailer for the movie, Equinisity…you will not see programs like this anywhere else in the world. A life changing message of Oneness and Love found when reconnecting with the innocence and wonder of our inner child.

or follow this link:

Liz Mitten-Ryan

Liz and the Herd

This is real footage of participants (I was one of the lucky ones) from all over the world who came together at the Gateway 2 Ranch in British Columbia, Canada to receive the E.A.R.T.H. (Equine Assisted Re-connective Therapy and Healing) program. The ranch is the home to author Liz Mitten Ryan, her husband, and their sixteen horses, dogs, cats and Tesoro, the steer. In this pristine setting, all things properly align for the highest earthly vision human beings can possibly experience.

My own personal journey at Gateway 2 was nothing short of miraculous. I confronted and faced fears from my childhood about how powerless I felt in the presence of these enormous animals. Within a week, I went from shaky and scared in the paddock on Monday, to falling off Luxy (the largest horse in the herd) on Tuesday, and by Friday I experienced a godlike feeling as I walked Epona (a beautiful mare in the herd) to the playground and through the obstacle course.

Liz Mitten Ryan

Liz Mitten Ryan

In addition to that miracle, there were energies on the land, amongst the rock formations, that actually helped heal my tailbone from the fall. I was named “most improved player” by my supportive tribe of fellow participants. When you open yourself to be vulnerable, get very quiet inside, and ALLOW…you are available to be healed by the Oneness of the universe. I am here to tell about it, but it is not only my story…please listen in to the following interviews with other participants and practitioners from Gateway 2 Ranch.

Inspire yourself and check out more at

Liz Mitten Ryan, Author, Gateway 2 Ranch

Dana Williams, Healing Artist

Serah Roer, fellow participant

Tyhson, Dowser and fellow participant

Billa deVries, Land Shaman

What does it feel like to be surrounded by true love?

When have you experienced a deep connection to the planet where you have felt at One with the universe?

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It’s Your Opportunity at Gateway 2 Ranch

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Do not wait…people are already signing up for the Life Changing Workshops at Gateway 2 Ranch for 2010.

Liz and the Herd

Liz and the Herd

This workshop made a profound and lasting impression on me…the healing, the beautiful horses, the land…it was a place where I experienced the feeling of “oneness” with the animal beings and the land beings.  And once we feel the oneness in our bodies, then we have the power to re-create it elsewhere in our lives.  It is a deep healing energy available to all of us, and at this workshop you will learn how to tap into it.

Liz and the Land

Liz and the Land

Don’t take my word for it though.  Listen in to Green Think Radio interviews with Serah Roer, a participant who shares her life altering experience, and Dana Williams and Tyhson Banighen who help paint the picture of the experience and share their wisdom of energy, the land, and the animals.

To learn more and begin an amazing adventure you will never forget,  go to:

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Green Think #34 – Accepting and Loving Energy

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Dana Williams shares her work as a full time practicing therapist “Artist of Change” who heals by working with a variety of self healing modalities including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Tyhson Banighen is also on the show to discuss his dowsing work and how he found the healing powers of crystal skulls. Dana and Tyhson were two of the amazing people I met at Gateway 2 Ranch in British Columbia.

Listen to Dana and Tyhson now…

Dana Williams

Dana Williams

Dana has a lifetime of experience healing through hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom technique, and other energy therapies. She loves the process of change and as an artist has combined her training and art to become a talented healer able to draw on what is happening in the moment as a healer. She can be reached at

Tyhson Banighen

Tyhson Banighen

Tyhson’s unique way of working with people involves helping people connect to their intuitive nature or highest self, set clear intentions and then trusting the process. His story of how he began to relate to and work with crystal skulls will make you stop and think about possibilities. Tyhson gives workshops and energy healing sessions and can be reached at

What is your most interesting experience with energy? Let me know.

Enjoy the show!

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Upcoming Guest: Liz Mitten Ryan

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Don’t miss the upcoming Green Think Episode with Liz Mitten Ryan, author, artist and animal communicator. In helping to create new visions for our planet, I resonate deeply with what Liz is doing.

She writes:

Imagine a land where love is the guiding principle, where one’s consciousness and connection to Earth is the ultimate goal.  A land where miracles are commonplace and spontaneous healings, connections, and a clear understanding of one’s life journey are natural occurrences.

Experience Gateway 2 Ranch in British Columbia, through the upcoming interview with Liz on Wednesday, April 15th. This ranch is home to crystals, vortexes, and natural flora and fauna as well as author Liz and her husband, and their fifteen horses. In this pristine setting, all things properly align for the highest earthly vision human beings can possibly experience.

Liz Mitten Ryan

Check out for more details and then listen to next week’s Green Think episode.

An amazing story awaits you…

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