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CBL#163 – Long Lasting Love and Relationships with Bobby Jo Valentine

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Are you ready for a renewed vision for life? Do you want to be inspired about the future of love? Listen in to Bobby Jo Valentine's heartfelt music and lyrics about sustaining love and relationships. His hopeful folk/pop music will touch your heart and soul. He quotes a John Mayer song as one of his personal guiding beliefs, "I know the heart of life is good." This young man is spreading love wherever he goes.

Coach Betty Louise also shares her deeply vulnerable story of sexual healing, and how the healing is available when we are open to receiving. Click on the listen button below to hear the whole show.


Bobby Jo Valentine is an award-winning singer/songwriter currently residing and touring around the coast of CA. His new album, ‘A Place to Belong’ released to favorable reviews and his single “Be Mine” had radio airplay even before the album’s release. His warm, accessible melodies and often-profound lyrics have developed a following around the nation. In August of 2011, a song from the album, “Fly” won Song of the Year at West Coast Songwriter’s Association.

Bobby is comfortable on stage in front of large crowds, having played at locations like Hard Rock Cafe, The Fillmore Poster Room, and Pride festivals, but his favorite performances are the intimate theaters and house concerts that enable him a strong connection to the audience. Bursting with energy at times and filled with uplifting, honest messages about hope and life’s struggles, Bobby continues to gather new listeners with every show. “Armed with just a guitar and ukulele, Bobby aims straight for the heart.” -Bruce Kaplan, Folk Unlimited

To learn more, go to

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CBL#133 – Hot and Juicy Relationships with Toni De Marco

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

"Relate>Love>Sex: How to have a Hot and Juicy Relationship Opening to the Love Within," is the book Toni De Marco wrote and she is Coach Betty's special guest on this episode. Communication, or lack of communication, is the biggest obstacle in relationships based on Toni's extensive research and international travels leading workshops on the topic.  As her book title states, healthy relationships always begin with turning to self-love. Her experience, research and teachings stress each individual taking 100% responsibility for their own happiness, fulfillment and even orgasms! Listen in to hear some of her secrets to finding the juice and rekindling the communication so that everybody gets what they want and need.  Click the "listen button" below to hear the whole interview, AND some surprising "WHOA BABY" results out of Stanford University on Who are the Happiest People.

Author, Dr. of Metaphysics, trainer and founder of the Wellness & Sexual Healing Centers, Toni De Marco has an extensive background in psychology, metaphysics, and health.  Her training includes having studied with many of the world's leading wellness and Tantra teachers and she, herself, has worked as a teacher, healer and counselor to both individuals and couples for over 30 years. Ms. De Marco was a top cover-girl in her 20's and acted in scores of television commercials and several films at the same time that she was studying many different holistic and healing technologies.  In her 30's Ms. De Marco wrote an acclaimed health and beauty book, The California Way to Natural Beauty, and also started relationship counseling.  In her 40's, Ms. De Marco segued to writing and producing video and television. In her most recent venture into the Video/DVD arena she created Tantric Partner Yoga, along with Tantra trainers, Robert Frey and Lori Grace Star, as a tool to help couples to develop more intimacy in their relationships through sensual partner-yoga. 

Don't miss her September 8th FREE 75 minute telecall on "5 Simple Secrets to a Hot and Juicy Relationship."  Email to get all the details and a FREE ebook from Toni.  

Learn more about Toni's work at

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Guest Post: Healing and Helping Relationships by Shannon Wills

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Thanks to Shannon for contributing this essay.  What I love about her tips are that it is about YOU understanding YOU.  Read on…

6 Ways to Make the Most of Relationships

I’m happily married today, but there was a time five years ago when my husband (then my boyfriend of a year) and I almost broke up. It wasn’t anything serious that led to our falling out; rather, tiny misunderstandings piled up one after the other and made our relationship more fragile as the days went by. The day came when we decided to put an end to the tenuous bond of sentimentalism that still held us together and call it quits for good; we both felt that it was better than fighting all the time and ruining the friendship that we shared even before we became lovers.

But the devil in me had to try one last time; I loved this man too much to let him go out of my life, and so I invited him to dinner at my place the day we were supposed to say goodbye. We sat side by side on the couch and talked, of how we met, how friendship blossomed into love, and how love had deteriorated to this mess of a relationship. Then I asked him if we could put in one last effort to revamp the way things were between us and he jumped at the offer – my heart filled with joy as I realized that he too wanted this to work as much as I did. It was that realization that formed the base for our new bond, the foundation that was strong enough to build a solid marriage. In general, we both realized that to make the most of any relationship, we must:

  • Really want to be with the other person, no matter what: When you want someone in your life, it’s easy to forgive them. You don’t let minor issues affect you when you cannot think of life without the other person, and because of this, you tend to argue less.
  • Accept fault gracefully without being defensive or going on the offensive: The best way to stop an argument or fight is to give in gracefully. When you know it’s your fault, accept blame and apologize for your actions. Don’t throw back accusations just because you don’t want to accept that you’re wrong, and don’t justify your actions with flimsy excuses. And if you think the other person is still being unreasonable, give them some time to cool off.
  • Look at the positive side always: Every couple fights now and then, but when you feel yourself getting depressed about the relationship, take some time to look at its positive side. Think back to why you fell in love, why you decided to stay together, and why he/she makes you happy and content. The positives are enough to drive out any lingering resentment that follows an argument or fight.
  • Expect very little: Expectation is the root cause of all disagreements in a relationship, so expect very little. And if you do expect something, tell your partner instead of being angry with them when they don’t do it. They’re not mind-readers, and more often than not, they wish you would just tell them what you want instead of picking a fight when they don’t do it.
  • Do things together: Couples who lead separate social lives tend to drift apart sooner or later. They find that they have nothing in common except their children and their home. But those are not always enough to cement a relationship firmly. So even though you’re entitled to your alone time, make the effort to do things together so that your bond grows stronger.
  • Never speak in anger: If there’s one valuable lesson I’ve learned in my relationship with my husband, it’s that words spoken in anger are not only impossible to take back, they also leave scars that may never heal. So hold your tongue in anger, and talk only when you’ve calmed down enough not to say anything nasty and hurtful.

Relationships are like plants – they need to be constantly nurtured and nourished with kind words and loving gestures if they are to thrive and blossom.


This guest post is contributed by Shannon Wills, she writes on the topic of Online Engineering Degree . She welcomes your comments at her email id:

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Green Think #26 – The Medicine of Original Pain and Food

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

My guest Josie Stein, Certified Hypnotherapist and intuitive, explains how her work of hypno-coaching can help you discover the root cause of pain. Next, Sayer Ji joins us to talk about his free website where the therapeutic value of many natural substances are compiled.

Listen to Josie and Sayer now…



Josie Stein

For the last twenty years, Josie Stein has been combining advanced hypnotherapy skills, coaching techniques and insightful intuitive perception to greatly enhance her ability to help her clients access direct inner guidance and heal personal and relationship problems. Listen as Josie talks about the process and the session Betty Louise had with Josie.

Check out Josie’s website

Sayer Ji

Sayer Ji

Sayer Ji, son of a biologist father and librarian mother, is the founder of Created as a not-for-profit consumer advocacy website, it provides an advertisement-free and unbiased source of information on the therapeutic value of natural substances. With much more research to come, the website has indexed more than 700 substances, including many types of foods.

Currently writing a book on the Philosophy of Nutrition, Sayer has a unique and practical perspective on how western and eastern medicine can best serve our health.

Enjoy the show!

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A Brief Overview — The Four-Step Process

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Coach Betty has developed a four-step process to “redesign and realign,” opening the door to healthier relationships in your life. This will be a book coming soon chocked full of tips, but this will get you started.

Step 1:  Clear

The clearing step involves taking short, frequent silent breaks of 30 seconds during the day.  This helps you declutter your mind of distractions and make sure the choices you’re making align with your desires and values.

Step 2:  Assess

Everyone carries a defining uniqueness.  We all have strengths and experiences moments when our magnificence shines.  When we acknowledge our inner strengths, we can contribute in a positive way to the world.

Step 3:  Integrate

This step can be the most fun.  When you begin to discover who you are, you build on what is working well.  At the same time you determine what “meaningful relationship” means to you.

Step 4:  Master

BE a Master of yourself and leave everyone else out of it.  Keep the focus on you, and learn the difference between ego and magnificence.  When you allow your personal radiance to shine brightly, you send out a force of beautiful light into the world.

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Green Think #11 – Core Consciousness for our Bodies and Environment

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Click below to listen to another episode of Green Think Internet Radio Show where we continue to learn new ways to become more consicous and take care of ourselves, our relationships and the planet. Katrina Charmatz shares her Pilates expertise and how to consciously move with ease. Karen Boness is also on the show educating and inspiring us with the ecological concept of permaculture.

Listen to Katrina and Karen now…


Katrina Charmatz

Katrina Charmatz helps us understand how to be conscious about how we move our bodies.

She describes how building the core deep muscles allows you to move in every activity from a place of ease.

More about Katrina and Pilates at

Karen Boness

Karen Boness is a permaculture expert who lives what she speaks. She describes the ecological idea of integrating systems together using each system at its most efficient. Every plant, every structure, and every animal is producing something positive.

More about Karen and permaculture at and


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Elinor Stutz and Selling from the Inside Out

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Don’t miss this 15 minute conversation with Elinor Stutz on her matter of fact and very effective style of doing business.  Her book “Nice Girls Do Get the Sale” helps women close more business and negotiate better deals.

She shares some great stories of how when you get pushed to the wall, you can come out standing strong.  She wisely recommends that women stand back and analyze instead of jumping to emotions.  Her 3 step approach to confrontation with grown up bullies is #1 – Agree, #2 – Smile, #3 – Think “Eat My Dust!”

Her sales strategy of helping others achieve their goals is so refreshing in our turbulent times.  She is full of ideas and suggestions for how to keep learning and thriving in these uncertain times.  To reach Elinor (pictured above):


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Collaboration is the Word of the Day

Friday, February 6th, 2009

An interesting conversation with two passionate coaches on the topic of collaboration. In this 12 minute podcast, Coach Betty and Adee Swanson talk about how much more we accomplish when we reach out and collaborate vs. compete with each other.

Adee shares her story of how she made the first meeting with Coach Betty turn collaborative.  Her philosophy is people with similar visions working together is what makes change happen, but that wasn’t her first thought.

What do we need to admit to before we can truly collaborate with each other?  Listen in and find out.

To contact Adee:

Adee Swanson
(707) 328-6026

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