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WOA Radio Show #4 – Reading Faces from the Inside Out

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Listen to our Women On Air radio show with Naomi Tickle (pictured below), the face reader and personology expert who gives us tips as to how we can better relate with our partners, business partners and children.  What does having fine hair say about your sensitivity?  She will share the answer to this and more.

Listen now…

Also on the show, Coach Betty and Dr. A provide some startling statistics on how badly we want to change the way we look in our WOA Baby section.  Our Women on Air (WOA) Babies are bound to make you stop and think about your own acceptance of your looks.  We hope so anyway!

They share some tips about clearing out the negative feelings from the inside out.  Coach Betty discusses the concept of clearing your insides from old ghost relationships so you can see a fresh new start, and Dr. A complements that with the need for the redesigned room to be cleared out to have a new appreciation for your old things.

To learn more about Naomi’s work, go to, where her book “You Can Read A Face Like A Book” is available.

Happy Listening!

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WOA Radio Show #1 – The inside out debut on WebTalkRadio

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Our kickoff show on WebTalkRadio had a jazz vocalist, master gardener, and radio show host offering their views on inner peace.  Dr. A and Coach Betty began sharing the process of redesigning lives from the inside out, and listen for the “real world news” and learn what we mean by a “woa baby.”

Listen now…

Yvette Summers from Chekere

Next week, we have beautiful Yvette Summers as our featured interview.  Yvette’s band, Chekere, has a mission to bring arts to education programs which encourage young people to take chances.  She also makes the beautiful percussion instrument, the chekere.  It is made from gourds that are hollowed out and strung with beads and cowry shells.  We can’t wait to hear more about her path to inner peace through her music.

We are starting the year with a bang! Stay tuned for much more…

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November Radio Show

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

Listen to our 30 minute radio show with our special guests Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell as they discuss their book “Redefining Seduction” and fourth wave feminism work. They are fascinating scientists with a new perspective to consider regarding how we approach relationships. The interview promises to expand your thinking…

Dr. A and Coach Betty also offer some unique gift giving ideas, and present some more WOA Babies that will make you stop and think.

Happy Listening!

Download Audio: novembershow.mp3

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Motel Del Rogue Inside Out

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

When you are traveling through the beautiful state of Oregon, we highly recommend a stop overnight at the Motel Del Rogue in the Rogue River Valley near Grants Pass.  Kevin, Constance and Sylvia are the family who run the place and they are extremely welcoming and warm. The rooms are homey.  All the pictures you see in this blog for the last week were taken from a trail next to our riverside room.  November is a beautiful month with Autumn colors abound.

Check it out at:

Tell them Women on Air sent you!

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River of Life from the Inside Out

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Take a look at these pictures if you want to get a beautiful feeling of Autumn. Women on Air are on retreat in beautiful Grants Pass, Oregon where we are moving things forward and making things happen on the inside of our little apartment at the Motel Del Rogue, and you can see that things are changing and happening on the outside.

On this monumental day of electing the next President of the United States, I am reminded of the responsibility of our choices. Please vote and exercise your right to choose who will lead us into the future. It is no secret that Women on Air are voting for Barack Obama. We strongly believe that this man has the skills to collaborate with the experts AND the people of the US, and nurture this country back to health. GO OBAMA!!!

The inside tip for today is to stop…enjoy these photos of Grants Pass and the Rogue River…let it remind you of the beautiful world we live in. Take at least 30 seconds 3 times today to notice your world…the sights, sounds, smells…observe your feelings and thoughts without judgement. Although you may feel uneasy and eager today…I can promise you that if you integrate this practice of silence in your life, it is the path to inner peace.  It is only 1-1/2 minutes of your day…try it!

Thursday, we will post another conversation with Giles AND two yummy recipes for Autumn…stay tuned…

Blessings to all…those who win and those who lose today.

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