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GUEST APPEARANCE – Good and Green Radio with Susan Davis

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Susan Davis, changing the world with her internet radio show "Good and Green Radio," hit her milestone of 100 shows last week! This is a huge accomplishment in the internet radio world, and I want you all to know more about her and her show. AND I was the lucky guest who got to be on her 100th episode. Click the listen button below to hear the whole juicy conversation.

Nice work, Beautiful Susan!





Exploring The Essence Of Sustainability
Trying to live a holistic, sustainable lifestyle?
So many things are important to consider – where you live, how you work, what you eat, what you wear . . . The challenge is balancing your choices, so that the needs of the present will not compromise future generations – all the while living the quality of life important to you.
Good and Green Radio explores the essence of Sustainability with Susan’s guests – friends, colleagues, & connections – all ‘thought leaders’, passionate about their areas of expertise. They will inspire you to bring the balance into your life that will impact you, your family, your community – and the planet.
Good and Green Radio conversations are about topics that matter most to you; guiding your journey along the path to a more Sustainable Lifestyle – Balancing Body, Mind, & Spirit and Leaving a Lighter Footprint on the Earth!
For more information on Susan and her work, click HERE.
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ARTICLE – Review of “50 Shades of Grey”

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012


The Huffington Post reported that EL Jame's "Fifty Shades" trilogy has outsold JK Rowling's seven-book Harry Potter series on Amazon's UK site. James has been named the best-selling author of all time at selling over 40,000,000 copies of her book "50 Shades of Grey" since March. It is the fastest selling paperback of all time.
It is hard to deny that we love and will spend money on fantasy, whether porn or Potter. This book has been called "Mommy porn" as the fanbase is being composed largely of married women over 30. Hmmm…
Will this improve women's sexual lives? The disturbing and poorly written details would be worth it, if that were the outcome.
I have always found graphic descriptions of sexual encounters to be arousing in my body. My first sexual feelings, that I remember, came from reading "racy" stories in magazines I use to hide under my mattress. 
Sex and what arouses a woman is unique to her. The scenes in "50 Shades…" that created a positive visceral experience for me were when the two main characters expressed love and compassion for each other. Sex, without compassion, is the lowest form of relationship in my book.
The nature of the dominant/submissive aspect created a visceral feeling of anger welling up inside of me. The admitted need to control and bark orders which created pain along with the pleasure was where I felt very disturbed that this book was creating such a stir with women. Is it just a deep awakening we desire, which sometimes includes pain?
This idea of submission has made its way into new marriage vows approved in Australia where brides are promising to "submit" to their husbands as well as "obey" them. Even as I write this I am feeling the unease of this thought.
Before I explain what I believe may be beneficial about the book, I need to comment on the fantasy man syndrome. The main character, Christian Grey, was the image of the sexiest, richest, smartest and most talented man this side of the North Pole. I want us all to find a way to look past surface glamour, and find the true soul. It is not always easy. I fail in this endeavor often.
I found three redeeming thoughts from this odd book. 
A sexual relationship requires deep communication. Because of the provocative nature of the sexual requests in this story, communication was repeatedly stressed as necessary…verbal communicaton speaking your deep truth. We can all learn from this.
There was also a consciousness about choosing to enter into the relationship because of the extreme nature of the sexual demands. Conscious choosing is a key factor in creating any life you desire.
My final positive take away from this book is the encouragement of receptivity. The heroine was showered with gifts which she resisted, until she didn't. There was an air of giving and receiving that took into account value on both sides. It felt natural, until it went over the edge of kinkiness for me.
BEing the conscious optimist that I am, I invite you to reflect on your own relationships and see where you could:
- communicate your deep truth
- be acutely conscious of your choices
- give and take with love
There is wisdom in all things. It is up to us to find it. :)  
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GUEST PODCAST – Barbara Musser on “Sexy After Cancer”

Friday, July 27th, 2012

What a special treat to sit down face to face with the Beautiful Barbara Musser, and share stories of how she found her sexuality through the health crisis of a breast cancer diagnosis. It is a truly inspiring story of how she went deep into self-love and inner wisdom to heal herself from the inside out. In this deep inner journey, she found a meaningful and ecstatic life. She vulnerably shares how her diagnosis was a wake up call…no more living according to outside input. Now her question is "How do a stay awake?" She has some wonderful insights on that topic! Click the listen button below to hear this yummy 30 minute conversation!





Barbara Musser is a world-renowned intimacy and sexuality educator and coach, facilitator and author. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1989 as a young woman and had a child after all her treatments. She has worked with hundreds of women, couples, and health care professionals. She specializes in creating programs to help heal the trauma of cancer treatments to femininity, intimacy, sexuality and relationsips. Barbara is the found and CEO of Sexy After Cancer. Barbara leads retreats for women, she creates powerful circles that show women how they heal the world. WooHoo! To learn more, go to 

Here she is with her sweetie, Ron Morgan. They do couples workshops and retreats, and share how they have created a beautiful organic and orgasmic life!

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ARTICLE – Occupy Your Organic and Orgasmic Life

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012


Photo credit to Pablo Solomon

Occupying your organic and orgasmic life has a way of BEing good for the planet and sexy at the same time!!



My inspiration for this article came from a Google Alert on sexuality. What did we do before Google? In Auckland, New Zealand, there was a Sexuality and Consciousness Symposium in March, 2012. The aim of this event was to help people overcome guilt, shame and fear. The organizers wrote, "We are exploring the nature of healthy sexuality. The world is full of misinformation on who we are as sexual beings." How true this is!

One of the presenters, Baba Dez Nichols, expressed the following in defining healthy sex. "A healthy sense of sexuality is important because it allows us to be in control and occupy ourselves. Sex is our life force and when we are filled with guilt, shame and fear, which can hold us back, we have no power."

There are three things I love about this statement.


1-allows us to occupy ourselves

2-is our life force

3-when repressed, strips our power

Let's look at these one at a time, beginning with number 3.

What happens when we repress our natural sexual feelings? Our bodies are more tense which depletes our energy. It takes energy to hold your muscles tense all day and night. When we do not have a healthy expression of our sexuality, we also anger and frustrate more easily. Anytime an emotion or feeling is repressed, bad things happen. I know this so well from personal experience with inflammation and pain throughout my body due to suppressed anger. Understanding and mastering my sexuality has not only given me relief from stress and tense muscles, but it has been an amazing form of healing as well. 

The National Institute of Health claims that 70% of our health issues are stress based. A healthy and satisfying sex life relieves stress and creates a natural harmony within your body. Sex is our life force. After all, other than a small percentage of mothers who were inseminated with sperm, most of us are walking around on the planet because somebody had sex. That is a pretty strong argument that sex is, indeed, our life force…without it, we would not even be here. I am certain mastering our sexuality can provide medicine that would most likely help the 70% of stress-based diseases.

Now, my favorite point from the New Zealander's point of view is that healthy sexuality allows us to occupy ourselves. I would say, it allows us to occupy our body instead of our mind with a pleasure surge that is good for us, our relationships and our planet.

My BEST strategy for occupying my body goes like this:

Breathe – deeply into the lower belly

Embrace – give myself a big hug

Smile – feel into my inner sexual sensation

Think – organic and orgasmic moment

The BEST strategy applies to any activity you may be engaging in…there is always a way to make it organic and orgasmic.

Apply the BEST strategy today, and let me know what how it feels to occupy your life by living in your magnificent body.

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In Remembrance of the Beauty and Sexuality of Elizabeth Taylor

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor, with her many accomplishments, was an icon for beauty and sexuality.  I send her family and dear friends many good wishes at this time of her passing.

Elizabeth Taylor represents such an amazing example of how powerful beauty and sexuality as a combination can be for a woman.  Her classic films and TV appearances brought the essence of beauty and sexuality to our screens.  Her personal life, although wrought with unsuccessful marriages, also showed how powerfully men respond to women comfortable with their beauty and sexuality.  Eight marriages that show she got what she wanted, choosing each one of her mates.  On a grander scale, the work she pioneered with AIDS/HIV, is also such a clear example of a woman’s ability to exercise her woman-ness for goodness in the world.

What if I told you that you have an Elizabeth Taylor inside of you?  It’s true, and CoachBettyLIVE is committed to helping you find it.

Thank you for leading the way, Elizabeth Taylor.

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