Thank you for the outpouring of concern and support with my recent health challenges. Albeit not easy, I am finding an organic and orgasmic way with this experience too.

It has been an interesting journey since I have been in the Phoenix area of Arizona. In late January, I arrived in beautiful Arizona and was ready to embrace the desert air and collaborate with the amazing holistic healers of the Southwest.

When I arrived, my body was happy to land in the warmth of the sun, and the sensual hug that goes with this warm and dry air. My body relaxes easily in heat, and my movements become deliberate and slow. And as my body relaxed, an enormous amount of underlying stress rose to the surface. Have you ever had that experience? You know, when you finally finish a project, a semester's work, or moving to a new house/city that has kept you engaged and busy for a few weeks at least. You finally stop after it is complete, and you get sick or you are absolutely exhausted. Well that is what happened to me. I stopped and relaxed, and quite a bit of pain surfaced. I have had an extended period of acute pain in the muscles and joints on the entire right side of my body. 

During this time of stepping back from the normal routine of work and dealing with the acute pain throughout my body, I am reflecting on my life purpose and passionate pursuits. There have been so many mysteries in my journey, and I continue to practice listening to the wisdom of my body and digging deeper for the root cause of my pain. I know this is what allows me to dig deep with my clients and uncover the gifts that reside within them. I am consulting western medicine and practicing all my natural therapies as well, and expect to be dancing and singing in the rain very soon. 

I have not come to a complete stop though. I continue to move forward with my passionate desire to bring more natural healing through our own beauty and sexuality into the world. And so I make the following 3 offers to help you uncover your unique beauty and sexuality.

1) In 2012-2013, I led a 10-week introductory coaching program "Tapping Into the Juice" which focused on establishing a practice of pausing and pondering the relationship to personal beauty and sexuality. Some of the amazing feedback I received from the clients who participated:

"She took me to a deeper place of awareness and awakened my innate capacity for healing."

"Betty is an expert at helping women tap into that reserve of body wisdom that lies dormant inside of us. Confusion and worry simply didn't exist when we worked together, and I had a joyful time learning and retraining my habits around my body that will stay with me forever." 

"Working with Coach Betty has allowed me to get in touch with my senses, with my breath, with my body. I appreciate and love my body on a completely different level. Her exercises are simple, yet profound. If you are ready for the truth, the truth is waiting. Just open the door."

"Working with Coach Betty has absolutely been a transforming experience for me! Thank you, Coach Betty for opening up my eyes and being with me as I peeled a few more layers of my thick cocoon off… thank you for helping me see the beauty inside- my smile, my butterfly."

Participate in phase 2 of the 10-week Introductory Coaching Program
Click HERE for details. 
2) In July, 2013, a new 10-week Coaching Program will be available, "Grounding and Channeling Juicy Energy to Everyday Activities."
In this program, you will learn:
* a simple 2-minute grounding exercise to calm your mind and body
* the one most critical piece of knowledge to have in order to channel energy
* how to use your sexual energy outside of the bedroom 
* simple, yet profound, practices that ground you in your confidence and courage
Participate in Level 2 Coaching Program. (you must first take level 1)
Click HERE for more information, and email Coach Betty Louise for an application and more details.
3) I am writing a book about the process of re-discovering beauty and sexuality as a healing force. The book will draw on my own personal profound experience of healing, and teach my simple process for increased peace, passion, and pleasure in your life. 


Be a contributor of support through the project and completion of this book. The contribution could be editing, virtual assisting, publishing, or financing to name a few ideas. 

Please email me for details. 
Subject line: Book Contributor

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