ARTICLE – BElieving in the Impossible


There are many in the world today who are working for a better planet. Big thinkers who are imagining a planet that is healthy, because it's people are healthy; a world that has peace and love as the predominant mood; a place where positive thinking and optimism run rampant; a society where everyone has enough and we truly understand the power of how we can affect our surroundings.
You might say this is an impossible vision. What makes it impossible? 
Is it possible…
…to be healthy?
…to abolish war, fear and hate?
…to find good in all people and situations?
…to become conscious of how when one suffers, we all suffer on some level?
We have never known a world like this, but does that mean it isn't possible?
What does exist when we create peace where war existed, or when health replaces dis-ease, or when conflicts are resolved and people come together as a community? It starts with someone having a vision of what did not previously exist. Those special folks that do not allow themselves to be limited in their thinking and begin the process of changing the impossible to the possible. They paint the picture for others of this new vision, and then the miracle of what did not exist before becomes a reality.
I am stepping out to create a new vision for my life, and I want to invite you to support me. If you see me change the impossible to possible, then you have evidence it can be true for you too. My body has been ravaged by a dis-ease that has been present for over 25 years and the physical changes that have occurred are considered permanent by many. Is it impossible for me to regenerate bone, muscle, ligament and tendon tissue and restore my joints to full function? Before I consider the action of radical surgery, I am going to give it a go to BElieve in what appears to be impossible. Will you join me?
When I participated in an intensive experiential leadership program, one of the things I learned about myself is that I wait until the very last minute to ask for help. But help does come with the request, and it often creates miracles and magic.
So it is with a renewed sense of deep self-worth that I ask for your help to make some magic with me now. Whenever you happen to read this piece, PAUSE and envision me and my beautiful right hip joint fully functioning where my femur smoothly articulates in the socket of my pelvis. There is a smooth tough articular cartilage cushioning the bones and letting the ball move easily in it's socket. The surrounding muscles, ligaments and tendons are relaxed and at ease as they surround and move my leg with strength and flexibility. The dancer is dancing again!
Why should I choose this time, after almost 27 years, to believe that a healing like this is possible?
Why not now? 
Why not me?
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