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ARTICLE – Pain and Pleasure

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013


Do you want to hear something crazy? I did not have any idea how much pleasure was available to me in my body until I was in a whole lot of pain. My body has experienced the high of dancing on stage with joy and ease to the "show stopping" pain of being unable to move a single joint in my body without a searing and stabbing sensation penetrating throughout.
It was in one of those "show stopping" moments that I learned about how to use pleasure as a balance to the pain. That was over 7 years ago now, and I have been exploring this phenomenon of pleasure and pain since then.
This is what I want you to know:
* Pain can be physical, emotional, psychological, energetic, spiritual, etc. No matter where it derives from, pleasure is a source of relief.
* Pain and pleasure live right next door to each other within our bodies. We do have a choice.
* Pleasure medicine, as I call it, can mean laughter, sensuality, sexuality, and beauty (to name a few).
* The above mentioned pleasure medicine lives within us 24/7.
* There are no side effects from pleasure.
* We all live with pain.
When we are able to ramp up the pleasure in our lives, we are engaging in a form of preventative medicine.
Simple pleasures are the very best. Here is a starter list of my most enjoyable simple pleasures. 
* Drinking coffee (with cream) in the morning outside in fresh air
* Reading, posting and telling jokes on a weekly basis
* Feeling the breeze blow across my skin
* Savoring the taste of a juicy mango
* Listening to the birds
* Smelling the fragrance of lilacs
* Giving and getting a hug
* Enjoying an Arizona sunset
* Talking to my daughter on the phone or skype
* Having a whole day with no plans
What can you add?
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ARTICLE – Resisting Pleasure

Friday, October 12th, 2012


You might think that sounds crazy. It's hard to wrap your mind around the idea that we actually resist pleasure. Don't we want to feel good?
How could this really be true?
I have three theories of why we resist pleasure, and three suggestions for how we can practice embracing pleasure.
Have you ever had the experience where things were going really well in your life, and you felt anxious about it? It is a common feeling. I've been there many times in my life. When I was married, my husband always wanted to prepare for the worst so I wouldn't allow myself to get too excited when things were going well. I didn't know what was right around the corner…could be something horrible, and I didn't want to fall too far from the pedestal of pleasure.
Another perspective on why we resist pleasure is a self-worthiness issue. Do we really deserve to be happy and ecstatic? I am sorry to say, I have lived a great deal of my life not feeling worthy of a pleasurable life. There are many facets of that as well, but in part, due to my parents living through the great depression of the 1930s. They instilled in us that work was the most important thing, and fun was to come after all the work was complete. Sometimes I found myself too tired for fun. It was difficult for my father to take his 2-week vacation each year. 
A final thought for this essay on why we resist pleasure is that we are strongly influenced by our left brain in the world today. We reward productivity and problem solving, which are left brained attributes. It is our right brain, more artistic side that creates the pure ease of pleasure. This is not to say that productivity and accomplishment don't create pleasure, but it isn't sustainable kind of pleasure. Often when the promotion or project has ended, there is a moment of pleasure and then on to the next thing.
What can we do to receive more pleasure:
* Consider the Buddhist concept of impermanence, which means that everything is constantly changing…every moment of everyday. There is no way to hang onto any feeling. When you try to hang onto a feeling…well you kind of hang yourself. When you are experiencing moments of pleasure, be aware that it won't always feel this way and deepen the experience by breathing into it. Squeeze the juiciness out.
*Receiving is a self-less act. What about this perspective? When you receive another human being, such as their words (compliments), their help, or their affection, you are allowing pleasure to flow between you and your relationships. Try it on, and see what happens.
*Since we are such good problem solvers, why don't we look at the problem of not enough laughter, joy and good pleasurable sex in our lives? 
How do you open up your channel to receive pleasure?
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ARTICLE – Self-Love is Always the Answer

Thursday, July 5th, 2012


"Love is in need of love…" Thank you for those words Stevie Wonder. And I would tweek it slightly to say that love is in need of Self-Love today. How can we allow our bodies to become unhealthy, overweight, and stressed out, if we truly love ourselves? 

When you love something outside of yourself, consider how you treat it? Whether it be your partner, child, friend, or home, you are focused on protecting, nurturing and caring for your precious ones and things. Some care for their things before they care for people, and that is yet another way we distract ourselves from Self-Love. 

My journey with chronic pain for 26 years, a condition where my body is attacking it's own tissue, was how I got in touch with the depth of my feelings of unworthiness. It has only been the last few years that I have discovered the path to living organically and orgasmically includes loving myself up, no matter what the circumstances. Whenever I do something I consider "really stupid," I go to the mirror and look myself right in the eyes and connect with what an amazing human being I am. There is nobody else like me, or you, or you…:)
It is only our past stories that keep us in denying Self-Love. Your history is just that…history. We can change history at any moment we choose to do so. Women are so use to loving outside of themselves. The problem with that is that we easily blame outside of ourselves when we don't feel good about what is created in our lives. We are the architects of each and every day. Never forget that. I've designed a life that has me keeping a piece of my heart for ME and ME only so there is always something left in my LOVE tank. 
I've learned a process for removing the obstacles of our past history and creating a new groove of Self-Love in which to live. It is the 5 Ps to peace, passion, and pleasure. These simple steps to create transformation in your inner world, will show you how to discover beauty and sexuality within, and live the life you deserve from a place of Self-Love. Review the whole article HERE
For now, let me summarize:
PAUSE: Get out of the vicious cycle
PONDER:  Sensuality
PAINT: A new story/vision for your life
PENETRATE: Deeper wisdoms within
POP: Your magnificent self out in the world
"I don't like myself, I am crazy about myself." – Mae West (American actress and sex symbol from 1892 – 1980)
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ARTICLE – The Awkwardness of Pleasure

Thursday, March 8th, 2012


The Awkwardness of Pleasure
What makes the word orgasm so nervous making for many people? Even here in my home in progressive thinking Northern California, I have given presentations where the audience has been ill at ease with my comfort in saying the word orgasm. 
This nervousness is on some level an indication of our resistance to pleasure. It is undeniable that the word orgasm stands for a pleasurable experience. Where does this fear of pleasure come from?
Hedonophobia is a word from the Greeks that means "fear of pleasure." Many people feel guilt from deriving pleasure while others somewhere in the world are suffering. It feels like such an injustice. However, the science of consciousness and laws of attraction show us that we can actually create more pleasure energy and experiences for those suffering if we think, speak and act out of pleasure. Pleasure lives right alongside the pain and suffering.
We are at a turning point in our awareness of the potential for pleasure being a healing force. The numbers of people are growing who understand more and more that old religious doctrines encourage fear and guilt do not serve us in facing and solving the problems we have in our lives, our relationships and with the planet. 
Pleasure is defined as a broad class of mental states that humans and other animals experience as positive, enjoyable or worth seeking. Orgasm, on the other hand, is NOT a mental state…orgasm is a body state and that is why it is effective in creating an experience of pleasure, for those who will allow it. The body tells the truth making it one of the most authentic forms of pleasure we can enjoy.
How can we take the awkward out of orgasm?
My three recommendations are:
1) Allow yourself to think about the word orgasm. Write it down and note next to it other associated words that it brings up for you.
2) Begin to use the word to describe experiences in your life…orgasmic eating and other orgasmic experiences outside of sex.
3) Remember that embarrassment comes from worrying about what others think AND it really is none of your business what other people think of you. :)
Experiment with finding an orgasmic experience once everyday for the next month. PONDER:
What feelings do you experience in your body?
How does that impact your thoughts and your life? 
Awesome living is right around the corner.
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ARTICLE – Moving to Pleasure

Thursday, January 12th, 2012


Do you know that humans are very attached to misery? Yes, it's true. Dr. Rick Hansen, author of "Buddah Brain," says that we must make an active effort to think positively because our brains are wired for danger. Thinking and living in pleasure does not come naturally. We actually resist the pleasure.
I am on a mission to eradicate our attachment to pain, and open us up to more pleasure and positivity. I don't believe we can tackle the problems and issues that confront our lives and our world today from a place of fear and negativity. That's how we got here to being with, right?
The turning point in my life showing me how pleasure and positivity can heal pain was 26 years ago when I was diagnosed with a destructive chronic pain condition. After taking pharmaceutical drugs for 15 years, I tapered off and had the insight that pleasure is the opposite of pain. What if I used pleasure as the antidote to pain? As I began to experience more pleasure right along side the pain, I began to write a new story for my life…and in that realized the role by inner beauty and sexuality played in the new story. And that story became an organic and orgasmic one! 
So what falls between you and your inner beauty and sexuality? I see three main things:
1- the media
2- your own negative thinking
3- the story you tell yourself
When we get clear about the unreal images in the media, make an active effort in our minds to experience pleasure, and write a new more authentic story for ourselves, then we are well on our way to creating a new world.  We have learned from the laws of attraction and conscious research that our thoughts, feelings and actions create the world as we know it. What kind of world do you want to live in?
My system of the 5 Ps to peace, passion, and pleasure shows you how to contribute your feminine energy of collaboration, nurture and receptivity to create a world where it becomes the norm to feel pleasure. 
Step 1: PAUSE
We have beauty and sexuality all around us to feel and enjoy. Does that surprise you? Well that is why you need to Pause and think of the most beautiful person you know. What characteristics make you feel their beauty?  When you consider this question, it will bring you more into your pleasure center…just thinking about it. And when you lean into that pleasure center, you can experience the feelings of juiciness or your inner sexuality. I know, I know…it's really that simple.
Step 2: PONDER
Who are you not to be beautiful, fabulous and talented?
What makes sex such a taboo topic when it is how most of us arrived on the planet?
Step 3: PAINT
Take some time to ponder those questions, and find deeper truths for yourself. The basic plan is to fall in love with yourself. Look in the mirror everyday and say "I love you, I really really do. You are a beautiful soul." To enjoy moving toward sexual pleasure, find moments of sensuality throughout your day. It is as simple as noticing and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin. Begin to paint a new vision.
Explore what you love about your body. Is it your smile, your toes, your fingernails? Notice, notice, and keep noticing it until you are able to move to new areas of your beautiful self. The primary area of exploration for women around sexually is in receptivity. What would it be to receive your loving partners for all of their gifts?
Step 5: POP
When you integrate this new story into your life, then you easily pop yourself out with courage, confidence and grace.
Are you ready for a movement towards a positive world of pleasure?
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ARTICLE – Making New Year’s Resolutions Work for YOU

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011



What happens when you make a promise to yourself, and then you don't follow through with it? Disappointment and a ding in your  confidence is usually the result. On January 1st we set out with the best of intentions, and then in a short time that positive idea turns into a negative. 


A survey shows that almost 1/2 of Americans set new year's resolutions, and only 8% are truly successful in achieving those changes. What happens to the rest of those who set out to make some positive changes? Why do we fall back into the old comfort zone patterns, even when we know they don't serve us anymore? How can we set ourselves up to break old patterns, and manifest our deepest desires?


The 5 Ps to peace, passion and pleasure are running to the rescue again. This 5 step process can be applied to any situation in your life to create a life well lived…the organic and orgasmic way. Let's take a look at how it works in making new year's resolutions.


Before determining how you want to begin the new year, PAUSE, and breathe into your lower belly. Do this 3 times before moving to step 2. This simple step will allow you to form your ideas from a grounded and centered place.


Step 2 is to PONDER what aspects of your life you would like to improve or change.  Make a list of what changes would create more joy and love. Get creative…maybe watching the sunset or sitting under the stars once a week. Spend 30 minutes writing down anything and everything.


Choose no more than 3 ideas on your list to make a PLAN. Your plans need to be simple and specific. I will start my day with inspirational readings at least 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Write it on your calendar from January through March. After 3 months, you can assess whether the idea brought you the desired result. You will have learned something, and can then determine what is next. Give a new idea at least 3 months.


The step of PROSPECTING is a key to setting yourself up for success.  PROSPECT, in this sense, means taking an extensive view and giving mental consideration to your change. Write down your compelling reason for making the change. What will it bring into your life? Place this on a sticky note where you will see it daily. Give consideration to what people will support and encourage you, and ask them for help. Create an affirmation or mantra to re-program your brain. Repeat it at least 10 times a day. Something like, "I make positive changes in my highest healing good and the highest healing good of all." 


And now you are ready to POP your happier and healthier self out into the world. We want more of your juiciness in the world…aren't you ready to make your unique contribution?


As we all step up and create the resolve necessary to change our individual lives, then we have the power to shift the entire planet to a peaceful, passionate, and pleasurable place to live. 


Are you with me? 

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ARTICLE: The 5 Ps to Peace, Passion, and Pleasure

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011


How many Ps can you find in this article?  I'm feeling in a childlike mood today. :)


Penelope Piper Paused, Pondered, Planned, Prospected and Popped so that she could bring her Peaceful, Passionate and Pleasured self out into the world. 


And so it goes in the world of organic and orgasmic.


Are we having fun yet? When is the last time you felt like life was rolling along without conflicts or worries? How do you suppose the laws of attraction work when we feel worry?


Okay, Coach Betty, enough with the questions! Many of my clients say enough, just tell me what to do and how to feel. Sorry, it is an inside job, and Pausing and Pondering these questions will help you find that place. How you Plan the rest of your life could be quite a bit different than your current path. 


This is actually a 5-part proven system that you can begin to implement today, in this moment, without Purchasing a thing to begin on the Path of Peace, Passion, and Pleasure which are the Ps that follow the Os of Organic and Orgasmic. Sometimes, I am just too clever.


Let me cut to the chase with step 1. The only way to begin the path to peace, passion and pleasure is Pausing in the moment and paying attention to your senses. Sensuality is not something you can multi-task through. You must get off the hamster wheel of whatever cycle you are in the midst of, and give yourself as little as 30 seconds or 10 breaths to notice your solar plexus or 3rd chakra area. That is really all there is to understand step 1, Pause.


The 2nd step of Ponder is all about what you felt when you Paused. If your upper belly is tense and tight, you are in some state of worry. Breathe deeper into that tightness and assure your body that you are going to find ways to make peace and relax.


The 3rd step of Planning is to design ways to get to your inner beauty, sexuality, and peace. The common Prescription is to breathe for 30 seconds and notice your 3rd chakra 3 times a day, when you open your eyes in the morning, after lunch, and before you close your eyes at night. Simple as that and remember all the 3s….3rd step, 3rd chakra, 3(0) seconds and 3 times a day. Design little tricks to remind and re-program your brain.


After this becomes automatic, then you are ready for steps 4 and 5. Prospecting for your unique magnificence and popping that out into the world can be tricky for you to do for yourself. Remember Marianne Williamson’s famous quote “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” I have personally experienced the fear of looking my power right in the eye and shrinking back from it. I repeatedly go back through steps 1-3, and more keeps popping out. It is very important to surround yourself with people who see you in all your beauty and sexuality, magnificence, wisdom, or whatever words for which you want to be known. 


Don’t let Penelope Piper have all the fun!  Pop it out there!




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