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CoachBettyLIVE #105 – Music from France with Fa7 and Ti Harmon

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

This show was inspirational for me.  I had the pleasure of talking to musicians in France about their perspectives and stories with the healing power of music. Fa7 (Fabrice Mareau) and Ti Harmon had encouraging thoughts about how we can make this world a better place to live through music.


Fa7 is a musician and artist in France and travels extensively visiting Europe then Africa, making friends in passage with people of all social and geographical origins. His guitar and his song writing are his expression and vision for how to assist healing the world which encircles it.

His unique music is composed in nature, and varies depending on the landscapes.  Tune into his CD “La Brise” to hear the sounds of the water in Guadeloupe, and the sounds of the stones in France.  See if you can feel into where he composed it.

Always nomadic mind…learn more about Fa7, his music, and his world projects on MySpace/Fa7Music.

Ti (pronounced tai) Harmon is originally from Philadelphia. She began singing at the age of five, when she was the first to eagerly volunteer for the solo in her kindergarten Christmas concert. She has since honed her skills performing in New York, Madrid, and Paris. After completing her theatre studies at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, she founded Rize Theatre and Dance Company. She then moved to Madrid where she decided to focus on music.

She now calls upon the total of her experiences to find her unique musical universe: a sweet Jazz mixed with Soul, Folk, and Blues.

The band consists of Ti Harmon (Voice/Songwriter), Germain Guyot (Paino/Songwriter), Thomas Hugenel (Bass/Songwriter), Stephane Berti (Guitar), and Martin Wangermée (Drums). The group has been working together for over a year and combines styles and creative ideas to arrive at their distinct sound. The group debuted its project at the Fronteny Jazz Festival in August 2009.

To learn more, and listen in to Ti’s music, go to

The whole show can be heard above.

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Coach Betty LIVE! #102 – Living an Organic and Orgasmic Life through Celebration (segment 3)

Friday, September 17th, 2010

In this final segment from the Paris LIVE show in July, 2010, Coach Betty shares her story of how she discovered the celebration of all the simple things in life leading to Organic and Orgasmic Living. She found a deep appreciation for the ability to enjoy each and every moment, no matter what her body circumstances might be. Enjoying the ordinariness of an extraordinary life is possible for everyone.  How can you learn to appreciate all that nature has to offer you everyday?

The Natural Healers join Coach Betty in the celebratory song, Carnaval, composed by Fa7 and performed by Fa7, Yvette Summers, and Inor Sotolongo. As we performed this show in Paris and in Frankfurt, Germany, this piece always inspired people to get up and dance. The celebratory feeling at the end of each show inspired all of the performers to keep creating more good juice and goodness to share with the world.


You will find a RECIPE for Living an Organic and Orgasmic Life in this segment. We hope it inspires you to create some of your own ingredients to an Organic and Orgasmic Life. Please share yours by submitting a comment.

To learn more about the performers, contact information is below. We all wish you the path to YOUR Organic and Orgasmic Life!

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Living an Organic & Orgasmic Life LIVE in Frankfurt, Germany

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

The “Living an Organic & Orgasmic Life” tour continues in Frankfurt, Germany with 4 LIVE shows from August 12th – 15th. This 90 minute unique event combines conversation, music and dance to edu-tain you about how to return to your true inner nature.

Coach Betty shares her own personal healing story, and quotes and shares expertise from her amazing guests on The Natural Healers, Yvette Summers, Inor Sotolongo and Fa7, weave in their musical and dancing talents to demonstrate the power of natural healing.

The venue is a quaint Ethiopian restaurant in the arts district of Frankfurt, Kulter & Kunstraum Lalibela e.V. These memorable shows will leave you with a smile as you experience a taste of what is possible when you tap into your inner good juice. See below for all the details.

CoachBettyLIVE! - Living an Organic & Orgasmic Life Flyer

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Coach Betty LIVE! #96 – The Natural Healers – Fa7 and Inor Sotolongo

Friday, July 23rd, 2010
Fa7 and Inor Sotolongo

Fa7 and Inor Sotolongo

This special podcast highlights musicians, Fa7 and Inor Sotolongo, who are both part of the “Living an Organic and Orgasmic Life” tour. Together with Yvette Summers, they have created a new group called The Natural Healers, and are spreading their good music to the world. On this interview, both Fa7 and Inor describe the beginnings of their musical careers, AND what an organic and orgasmic life means to them. Inor, Fa7 and Yvette (The Natural Healers) all know the healing power of music, and this professional ensemble will express it through their amazing collaboration which started from internet communication with each other.

Listen in…


Inor was born in La Habana , Cuba in 1971. He began playing the congas  (US name) or tumbadoras (cuban and original name) at 2 years old, and then went on to study music as part of his education. Its rigorous academic formation, allowed him to respond to the diverse musical neccesities. His music is based on experimentation in all the scopes of music, with a limitless percussion. He experiences as composer and arranger give him an opportunity to bring even more elements of its creative universe on the basis of the essential : the cuban music enriched by the universal music and vice versa.

To find out more, go to

Fa7 is a musician and artist in France and travels extensively visiting Europe and Africa, making friends in passage with people of all social and geographical origins. His guitar and his song writing are his expression and vision for how to assist healing the world which encircles it. One of the many wonderful qualities of Fa7 is that he composes all of his music in nature.

Always nomadic mind…learn more about Fa7 and his music on

The Natural Healers

The Natural Healers

Check out “The Natural Healers” as they spread their love throughout the world…in a very organic and orgasmic way!

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