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Expand into new and more helpful ways to experience your life. Find wellness and fulfillment everyday, and learn how to use the wisdom we carry in our bodies. 

11:00 am – 12:30 pm PT

August 28th        FOR Moms ONLY: Getting Back to Your Juice while the
                                  Kids Get Back to School

September 25th   PAUSING for PLEASURE

October 30th       How to Enjoy Extra Energy for the Holidays

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Past Events



"The Wisdom of Your Body"

Wednesday, November 14, 2012
7:00 – 8:00 pm PT

Dream Clinic Massage
902 NE 65th Street
Seattle, WA


Space is limited. Please register HERE.





FREE CALLUnlocking the Organic Orgasmic Goddess Within

Are you ready to feel JUICY – VIBRANT – BEAUTIFUL & ORGASMIC?

Join my luscious friend, Amanda Eloesh ( and me for this FREE CALL that will Unlock the ORGANIC, ORGASMIC within!

This FREE 60 minute call will help you:

*Learn what's keeping you from feeling VIBRANT and BEAUTIFUL every day

*Discover how to turn your biggest challenges into YOUR GREATEST STRENGTHs

*Find you way to ORGANIC, ORGASMIC LIVING no matter what!

It's free and SPACE IS LIMITED so make sure to tell you friends AFTER YOU RESERVE YOUR SPOT FIRST ;)




Your personal invitation to Blissful Living and Loving


Find Your Bliss in 2012!


This is a life changing summit on love and relationships. Blissful Living and Loving Confer on Love, Sex and Relationships, sponsored by Just BEE Wellness and Zest and Harmony Counseling.


The conference will be held from February 6th – 23rd and offers over 20 outstanding presenters discussing topics such as Partner Yoga, Conscious Loving, Forgiveness and Freedom, Self-Love, Herbs and Foods for Sexual Vitality



So, if you're ready to enter a new phase of personal and relationship satisfaction, you'll want to register today and become a part of the Just BEE community. I invite you to take this step now – for yourself, for your partner, and for your relationship. 


Click here to learn more…


This event is going to fill up quickly, so please register soon.





~~ AL COLE from CBS Radio ~~

In An EXCLUSIVE TeleClass With:



US Radio Personality

Living an Organic and Orgasmic Life”


Thursday, February 2nd @ 4:30 pm, PST

Al Presents Coach Betty Louise

In An Interview You Won't Hear Anyplace Else:



And That Person Is YOU!"

~~ Click Here To REGISTER NOW



Resolve to Feel Great About Yourself

Petaluma Women in Business

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

7:15 am PT

Petaluma Women's Club
518 B Street
Petaluma, CA

$30 non-members (includes breakfast and networking)

To register: call 707-762-2785



Boost Courage, Confidence and Grace through Inner Beauty

Power Teleclass

Monday, July 25, 2011

5:00 pm PT


To register:  click here







Selecting and Sustaining Loving Partnerships

Friday, July 8, 2011
7:00 – 8:30 pm PT
Dance Palace Community Center
503 B Street
Pt. Reyes Station, California



Women International Network

March 8, 2011


Celebrating 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day


Check out where you can participate at International

PAST EVENTS – Pretty Juicy!!

"Living an Organic and Orgasmic Life" Tour

Paris, France

Friday, July 9, 2010 9:00 – 10:30 pm Theatre La Reine Blanche


For Immediate Release February 14, 2010 Contact:

The Truth about Magical Ways to Return to your Natural Rhythms

Celebrate Life through a show that is musically rich, culturally diverse, and will awaken your inner magnificence.  The 60-90 minute performance of music, dance, and conversation will be a participatory and entertaining experience.   This professional ensemble will take you back to nature where you will taste the power of living a sensational life. San Francisco, CA  February 14, 2010 In the world today, we have evidence of how disconnected we are with nature.  When we love and respect ourselves, we automatically love and respect our planet.  CoachBettyLIVE has compiled interviews from all over the world with progressive thinking experts, artists and innovators.  Author  John Gray of Mars/Venus fame,  Grammy Award Winning Freddie Ravel, and brain researcher Jill Bolte Taylor have been some of Coach Betty’s amazing guests.  The show is dedicated to helping us find ways to our natural healing powers.



Betty Louise Betty Louise, CPCC and host of lives in the San Francisco Bay Area surrounded by innovators in the green movement, alternative medicine, and technology, including Google, and Apple.  For the last 20 years, she has coached and interviewed pioneers, artists and experts that have brought about positive change.  She also adds her passionate voice to natural health with her own experience healing from crippling arthritis through natural therapies including sexual healing, and dance.  Her back to nature approach of drinking hot water, breathing and smiling will amaze you. Yvette Summers Yvette Summers is a musicologist and percussionist who has worked with Grammy Award Winning artists, Herbie Hancock, Bill Summers, and Los Hombres Calientes, to name a few.  Her exotic and sensual dancing and singing will uplift your spirits and make you feel good.  She will take you on an African journey that will stop in Brazil, Cuba and New Orleans.  The nature of “call and response” is musically alive and well during this lively and entertaining show. www.myspace/yvettesummers Fa7 And the sweet sounds of Fa7’s acoustic guitar and songs created in nature will inspire you to feel inner peace and love.  A Guadeloupeen artist living in France, Fa7 travels the world with his unique mixture of poetic words and musicality.  One of his world projects is Coeur Afrique, a foundation working with children in Abidjan. Special guest, Inor Sotolongo, the world renown brilliant percussionist from Cuba who lives in France will join in to dazzle you with sounds of the universe. To book this show or reach directly, email ###

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