CBL#159 – Soul Hearted Partnerships Begin with Self-Love

Soul-hearted self-love is the topic.

Women are becoming aware of how little we know about our bodies and our sources of pleasure. Coach Betty Louise presented a WHOA Baby this week from an blog article on "The Internal Clitoris." It may shock and amaze you to learn that the pleasure organ for a woman, the clitoris, is something that has just recently been studied. Medicine did not feel it important to understand as it only served the function of sexual pleasure for a woman. How much good medicine for our planet is there when women are feeling beautiful and sexual? 

In addition on this episode, Dr. Debra Reble, in her new book "Soul-hearted Partnerships: Creating the Ultimate Experience of Love, Passion, and Intimacy," writes that we have 1000s of soul mates in our lifetime. The ones that become soul-hearted partnerships are those where each individual does the inner work of soul-hearted self love. This can be romantic partners, business partnerships, family relationships, etc. To listen to all the gems of wisdom shared, click the listen button below.



Debra L. Reble, Ph.D., ia a Cleveland-based author. therapeutic intuitive, and psychologist, who conducts a private practice and facilitates workshops and seminars on personal transformation and well-being. She also is the founder of HeartPaths, a producer of materials inspiring full self-expression, and a director of Foundation in Light, an international nonprofit educational organization furthering spiritual growth and self-realization. In the provocative new model of relationship set forth in Soul-Hearted Partnership, longtime counselor Debra L. Reble, Ph.D., shows how dreams of amazing relationships come true when individuals cultivate first a soul partnership with themselves. Soul-Hearted Partnership lays the groundwork by presenting a series of spiritual principles for integrating body, heart, spirit, and soul and intertwining the combined energies with those of a loved one, while acknowledging the shared energy source.  www.debrareble.com and www.soulheartedpartnership.com



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