Coach Betty LIVE! #93 – The Universal Communication of Music with AyiTe

Listen in to this podcast interview with AyiTe, a beautiful man, musician and communicator of the natural healing message of music. He is African French living outside Paris, and is a professional who has been playing since he was 7 years old. He shares his experience of how the natural rhythms of African music can get us in touch with what is real and important.


AyiTe is a guitarist and a singer, based in Paris, born from a Togolese father and a French mother. He was raised with both the African and European culture, sharing time between the two countries growing up. He began to play the piano early as his mother was a piano teacher. He began the guitar at 16 and then moved to France.

He started playing in many local groups and worked hard to improve his skills on the guitar as well as his vocal abilities. He has worked with some of the greatest world music artists like Angelique Kidjo, Xalam, and Wasis Diop to mention a few. He performs at most major European, Australian and US World Music Festivals.

AyiTe & Coach Betty

What you hear on the podcast is a song from his first record "Ofra", a song titled  "Cape Of Good Hope," telling about South Africa, the breathtaking place where the black continent meets both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans in an Organic and Orgasmic fusion.

His new record "Togoville" is due soon, and contains songs in English, French and Mina, telling his very own vision of the universality of music,through stories inspired by his childhood in Togo and in France, and  his experiences when travelling world wide later as a musician.

To hear a sample of his music, go to

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